Welcome to My Hooking Up Blog

Welcome! I’ve been ready to have an adult conversation about adult dating for a while now. The problem is that it’s still frowned upon within most social circles. The web seems like a more open-minded place so I wanted to start a blog where people could share about their R rated experiences. This site is meant to critique adult sex sites, share stories about hooking up and give advice on how to play the field.

     I haven’t been in a true committed relationship for a while, and have been loving single life. I’m still having sex a few times a month and I love the excitement of first dates. I’m almost 30, so I know I can’t do this forever but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Browse amongst the site and see if you can learn something or maybe contribute a comment? I’ve become an expert in the world of hooking up but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn more. The funny thing about adult dating to me is that there are so many people doing it the wrong way out there and there aren’t any good resources to learn the right way. Nobody ever showed me specifically how to create profile, who to talk to and who to avoid, which sites are actually worth my hard earned money, what to say to girls online, or even where to go on a “more casual” style date.

If you’re looking to get better at hooking up, then you’re at the right place. Enjoy and Good Luck!

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